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Our AI Appointment Setter (All On Autopilot)

No More Hiring VA's, Increasing Ad Spend, OR Funnel Changes!


AI-Powered Lead Generation

Transform the way you engage with prospective clients. Our AI-Powered Appointment Setters not only converse with leads but also book appointments, tirelessly working in real-time. They generate top-tier leads for your real estate business while you dedicate your time to what truly matters: establishing relationships and closing deals.

High-Conversion Funnel System

Elevate your lead management with our High Conversion Funnel System. This AI-driven solution guarantees a consistent supply of qualified leads, equipping you to nurture and convert them into satisfied clients. Focus on growing your business while our technology takes care of the rest.

24/7 Prospecting Power

We understand that in real estate, every minute counts. Our AI Appointment Setters are operational 24/7, interacting with potential clients and cultivating valuable connections, without any supervision required. No more missing out on opportunities due to time constraints. Your lead generation is always active, even when you’re not.

Speedy Implementation

Start seeing results fast. Our pre-trained AI Chatbots are ready to start generating leads within 24 hours of purchase. Watch your lead conversion rate skyrocket and experience swift ROI. Your journey towards achieving your goals begins now, without any unnecessary delays.

Future-Proofing with

AI Technology

Outpace your competitors in an evolving industry. Our AI-powered technology gives you a distinctive edge. Benefit from customized sales strategies and outreach efforts, all driven by state-of-the-art AI. Forge meaningful connections, adapt swiftly to market trends, and position yourself as a future-ready professional.

Expert Support & Adjustments

We're committed to your success. Our dedicated experts promptly resolve software performance issues and make necessary adjustments for seamless operation and optimal lead conversion. Concentrate on your core business, confident in the knowledge that we're here to support you at every step.


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Engage and Capture Leads

Our AI system engages prospects, captures their information, and identifies high-quality leads through intelligent chatbots across multiple channels.

Nurture and Qualify Leads

Our AI system nurtures leads through personalized communication, automated email sequences, and targeted messages to increase engagement and qualify them for conversion.

Hand-off Load of Work

After thorough nurturing, our AI system identifies the most promising leads and seamlessly transfers them to you and insights for personalized interaction.

Why AI Sales System Works

  • Our High Conversion Funnel kicks off with heightened awareness. It amplifies your online visibility, letting prospects discover your real estate services through targeted digital marketing.

  • As leads show interest, our AI chatbot springs into action, providing instant responses and useful information, while scheduling appointments to maintain engagement.

  • The system delivers tailored content, follows up on appointments, and re-engages leads for continuous nurturing, keeping your services top-of-mind in the fast-paced real estate world.

  • Leveraging data and insights, our system crafts personalized propositions that address prospects' needs, converting them into clients and driving your business's success.

Consider this:

An average lead requires eight touch points to close

Let's Do the Math:

Just suppose your real estate business gets 10 leads per day

8 touch points x 10 leads x 30 days a month= 2,400 touch points per month

Necessary to maximize potential closings


Your human appointment setter can't handle that MUCH volume.

In reality, they likely only follow up with each lead 3-5 times.

This indicates a significant number of missed touch points and potential profits.

But don't worry, there's a solution.

AI-Powered High Conversion Funnel System

Consistency and Scalability:

High turnover rates among human setters often result in inconsistency and disruptions. Bid farewell to such concerns with our AI system. Our AI chatbots operate 24/7, ensuring persistent follow-up with leads, meaning no more worries about turnover or inconsistent performance.

Optimal Performance:

While human setters may have off days affecting their performance, our AI-powered system eliminates this unpredictability. Operating efficiently and consistently, our AI chatbots engage with prospects in real-time and follow up without any disruptions, resulting in higher-quality leads and improved conversion rates.


As your real estate business grows, managing and scaling human setters can become a challenge. Our AI system handles high volumes of leads and follow-ups simultaneously, making scalability a breeze. Trust our AI chatbots to manage your lead generation process effectively, irrespective of the growing demands.

Objective and Persistent Follow-Up:

We understand the hesitation in following up with old leads, but it's essential for maximizing your conversion rates. Our AI chatbots reach out to leads at any stage of the sales funnel, without emotional biases or reluctance. They ensure every potential opportunity is tapped into, leaving no stone unturned.

Embrace the Future of Real Estate

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AI-powered High Conversion Funnel System

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Our Customer Results Speak for Themselves. Take a Look!

Meet Micheal!

"Secure appointment setting has been a game-changer for my real estate business here at Oceanfront Realty in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida.

Now, we can focus on meeting qualified clients and closing deals hassle-free.

The system has transformed our lead generation process, allowing us to streamline our workflow and maximize productivity.

I highly recommend it to any real estate professional looking to take their business to the next level."

- Michael H.

Meet Maria!

"Secure appointment setting powered by AI has completely transformed our real estate operations.

It has revolutionized how we connect with potential clients, ensuring a consistent and efficient approach.

Our team has experienced a significant increase in the number of qualified appointments, leading to greater productivity and revenue growth.

This technology is a game-changer in the competitive real estate industry."

- Sarah B, Elite Properties

Meet David!

"Implementing secure appointment setting with AI technology has been a game-changer for our real estate business, Evergreen Homes, based in the vibrant city of Austin.

It has completely revamped our lead generation process, allowing us to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals.

The system's ability to identify and prioritize qualified prospects has saved us time and resources, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

I highly recommend it to any real estate professional looking to elevate their business."

- David M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I start seeing results with your AI-powered automated lead generation and sales funnel system approach?

We understand the importance of getting results quickly, and our goal is to help you start seeing the benefits of our system as soon as possible. Once you have completed the onboarding process, which includes an initial call to understand your specific needs, we will make sure that you'll be up and running within 3 days.

During this time, we will configure and customize the AI Appointment Setter to align with your business objectives. This speedy implementation ensures that you can quickly start generating leads and converting them into appointments, ultimately driving your real estate business forward.

How does the AI Appointment Setter generate and set appointments effectively?

Our AI Appointment Setter are designed to engage with prospects in real-time and efficiently guide them towards booking appointments. Here's how we generate and set appointments effectively:

👉 Real-time engagement: Our AI chatbot will actively engage with prospects as soon as they express interest or visit your website. They provide instant responses, answer queries, and provide relevant information about your real estate services. This real-time interaction helps to capture leads and build connections with potential buyers.

👉 Follow-up automation: Our AI Appointment Setter is programmed to follow up with leads without constant supervision. They ensure that no potential appointment slips through the cracks by sending timely reminders, nurturing leads, and addressing any concerns or questions that prospects may have. This persistent follow-up increases the chances of securing appointments and converting leads into clients.

👉 Personalized approach: Our AI chatbot is trained to understand and respond to the specific needs and preferences of each prospect. They can tailor their conversations and recommendations based on the prospect's requirements, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with potential buyers. This personalized approach helps in building trust and increasing the likelihood of setting appointments.

👉 24/7 availability: Our AI Appointment Setter work around the clock, ensuring that leads are engaged with and followed up on at any time of the day. This availability eliminates any delays in communication and maximizes the chances of booking appointments, even outside of regular business hours.

By leveraging these capabilities, our AI Appointment Setter work tirelessly to generate leads and set appointments for you, providing an efficient and effective solution to streamline your lead generation process.

What is the pricing structure?

Our pricing structure is designed to provide you with value while aligning with your business goals. We offer two options: Organic and Paid Ads. Here's how our pricing structure works:

👉One-time set-up fee: We charge a one-time set-up fee to cover the initial configuration and customization of our AI-powered system to meet your specific needs. This fee ensures that our system is tailored to your business requirements, allowing for optimal performance right from the start.

👉Recurring monthly fee: We have a recurring monthly fee that covers the ongoing use of our AI Appointment Setter to handle your lead generation and appointment setting tasks. This fee includes the use of our AI system, continuous monitoring and optimization, and access to our expert support team to address any questions or concerns you may have.

👉Minimum commitment: We require a minimum commitment of three months to ensure that you have sufficient time to experience the full benefits of our service and see tangible results in your real estate business.

😊 We understand that you may want to evaluate the effectiveness of our system before making a long-term commitment. That's why we offer a 10-day trial where we guarantee to generate 10+ appointments for you within that period. This trial allows you to see the potential of our service and experience the value we can provide. Once we have demonstrated our ability to deliver results and gain your trust, we can explore the possibility of a potential ongoing partnership.

Our pricing structure is designed to be reasonable and logical, ensuring that you receive value first and allowing you to see the return on investment in terms of increased efficiency, lead generation, and conversion rates.

How does your AI-powered system ensure consistency and scalability in appointment setting?

One of the biggest challenges in appointment setting is the turnover of human setters, which can lead to inconsistency and disruptions in the process. However, our AI-powered system overcomes this challenge. Our AI chatbots operate 24/7, ensuring consistent and persistent follow-up with leads. With our system, you no longer need to worry about turnover or inconsistent performance. Our AI chatbots work tirelessly to engage with prospects in real-time and follow up without any disruptions, providing a reliable and scalable solution for your appointment setting needs.

Can your AI system handle high volumes of leads and follow-ups as my business grows?

Absolutely! As your business grows, managing and scaling human setters can become a challenge. However, our AI system is designed to handle high volumes of leads and follow-ups simultaneously, making scalability effortless for you. Our AI chatbot is equipped to effectively manage your lead generation process, regardless of the increasing demands. You can trust that our system will consistently and efficiently handle your appointment setting needs, ensuring optimal performance even as your business expands.

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee.

If we don't perform you don't pay.

Simple as that.

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